Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Book that never ends!

A few weeks ago I read a list of books that Every Geek Should Read Aloud to their Kids. I put a number of these books on hold at the library. There were actually quite a few I had never heard of along many that I had and have already read aloud or listen to with my children.

Well..... one of the books on the list was The 13 1/2 lives of Captain Bluebear.  I got the audio along with the thick text. I put the first of 13 disks into the car about 2 weeks ago.  The story was very silly but my kids were enjoying it so we kept on listening to these wacky tales of Mini pirates,  Hobgoblins and an Island that fattens you up just so it can eat you. Each of the lives of this blue bear are very crazy and at times very funny.

Today, after listening to this book in the car and at home, we finally came to the end of disk 9 and it told me that the story continues on disk 10. I honestly had a really hard time putting disk 10 into the player. I am really tired of this book. My kids are LOVING it but I personally am finished and done with this story. Yes it is funny and silly and the reader is doing a pretty good job with the voices but really... do I really have 3 more disks to make it through? That is almost 3 more hours of utter  silliness.

Sophie who picked up the hefty text of the book and read it all the way through already assures me that it is almost over. There are only two more lives. I don't know if I can stand to listen to it anymore.  I really wish I could convince my kids to give this one up and listen to one of the other audio books we have waiting. They won't hear of it. They want to finish.

So if your kids are interested in a really silly fantasy story about a blue bear and his many different adventures then this book is great. I just have to worn you it is a long, long book that just never seems to end!

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Bibliophile said...

It must have hit a funny bone in each kid. Have patience. It will end sometime.