Monday, April 2, 2012

Keeping Busy with Books

I haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would share some of what has been keeping us busy. I am not going to discuss school work, although I probably should write it down. I haven't been good about doing my weekly or even monthly reports here on my blog. 

I thought I would share a few of the books we are reading.

My kids LOVE these books. They are on the 6th book in the series. Their Dad is reading them aloud to them at night for their bedtime read. They liked them so much and talk about the characters so much I even downloaded the audio books from the Library website (I love that I can download them and put them on my ipod!). I listen to them at night or at random times during the day. I am only on book 4 but at least I know the characters when the kids talk about them. There is a touch of history and some geography my kids are picking up while traveling along through these books. Not a very difficult read but very fun.

I am reading aloud The Candy Shop War. We really enjoyed the Fablehaven books so decided to give Brandon Mull's other book a try. So far it hasn't disappointed.

Our audio book that we just finished was the Bronze Bow. I put it on in the car and at first my kids weren't that excited about this one. It seemed so slow compared to the rapid pace of the 39 clues and Candy Shop War. But they couldn't help but listen and soon got into the story and I think Sophie really liked this one in the end. She was so excited to see it on the shelf at Grandma's house while we were there this weekend. It was a good choice for this season just before Easter. It was interesting to see Jesus from the perpective of one who was in Galalie and got to listen to him speak and witness some of his miracles.

While at my parents house this weekend. I picked up Edenbrooke from the book table. This is the table in the front sitting room where my mom keeps her newest arrivals or the one that she is reading right now. She ordered this one from Dessert book on a whim and hadn't read it yet.  I quickly made my way through it and was done almost too soon. It is a fun, clean, romance. It reminded me a bit of Northanger Abby. The heroine is rather naive like Catherine Morland and the hero is very playful much like Henry Tilney.  It also takes place at about that same time period so it is hard not to think of Jane Austen when one is reading it. But for this Austen fan it was a fun read. 

I have also been making my way through David A. Bednar's book Increase in Learning. I am going rather slowly through it because it causes me to really think, ponder and evaluate what I am doing as far as my own personal learning.  He doesn't just refer to spiritual or gospel learning. This applies to all types of learning. 

So I have a lot of different books going at the moment.  All of them have been well worth the time. I just wish I had more time to just sit and read a book book.

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