Thursday, February 2, 2012

Language Arts for Today

Sophie had her online art class today. She turned in and discussed this assignment.

It was done with cut up scraps of paper. They had been discussing Matisse. But while she did that I needed to do something productive with the boys so I grabbed a book of the shelf. Sophie had already read it and did an oral book report on it so I knew she wouldn't mind missing it.

I spent an hour reading aloud to the boys the book Punished!. Ian wasn't supposed to do any reading this morning (He had had his eyes dialated yesterday afternoon and wasn't supposed to do any reading for 24 hours after and he wouldn't hear of disobeying the doctor's orders) so he couldn't do his math or writing.  Henry has no problem doing away with such things for a day so this was school for the morning.  It is a great little book just right for this 6-10 age range. It taught the boys some great language arts terms in a fun way.  I don't think they will forget what an oxymoron, an anagram or a palindrome is now. They also have all sorts of new puns to try to fit into conversation.

But you know it made an impression when they unprompted tell their Dad all about it when he gets home from work. That is the ultimate endorsement for a book!

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