Monday, January 30, 2012

Playdough Science

 Can you tell what this is? It is my model of the Heart I put together while learning about the Cardiovascular system last week. I mostly have green playdough so that is all the kids had to work with. Here are their hearts.

 Since my kids loved the play dough the week before I decided to get it out again today while we discussed the central nervous system and Neurons.  Each kid had clay and each of course wanted me to snap a picture of their creation. So bear with all the pictures.

 This is mine. Of course,  I can't let them have all the fun.
 We then moved onto neurons. These were even more fun to make. We started with the cell body and added the nucleus and added little indentations to represent the mitochondria or power houses of the cell. Can you see the dendrites the axon with the myelin sheath?
 This one is mine.
 Here is Sophie working on not just one but two neurons.
 Ian had to work fast because Molly was busy bashing his dendrites as she gathered more and more of his play dough onto her ball.
 Henry added a a brain and spinal cord to his.

I think these kids got the idea and can name the different parts of the neuron and some basics about the central nervous system. But more important that that is that they had fun doing it.

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Desiree said...

How neat. I could see all the things you were naming, what a great way to learn that.