Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jelly Belly

Our co-op spent Friday at the Jelly Belly Factory.  My kids were very excited to go. They have seen pictures of Sophie as a baby with the Jelly Belly hat on her head. She must have been about Molly's age the last time we took a tour of this candy factory.

Molly especially loved the "Jelly man" which greeted us at the front door.
There were also all sorts of cars in out front decorated with jelly beans.

Jelly Belly sure owes a lot of their success to Ronald Reagen's love of these little treats. They had several of these bean pictures of him on the wall throughout the factory.
It takes a lot of Jelly Bellys to make one of these pictures.
Everyone had to pose with the portrait.
The lobby sure looked fun with all the different flavors dangling from the ceiling. Evidently the most favorite Jelly Belly is the "Very Cherry" and the 2nd is "Buttered Popcorn" with Licorice coming in 3rd.

We couldn't take pictures inside the actual factory. Once we had the hats on we were ready to go in and that was the end of the photographs. They said they didn't want anyone to seal their candy making secrets.
Ian was very brave. During the tour the guide offered a few people to try some of the Been Boozled flavors. Ian got a bean the looked like "Buttered Popcorn" but it ended up being "Rotten Egg". He couldn't tell us what flavor it was but he certainly spit it out pretty quick and was very grateful for the "very Cherry" bean he got to eat right after to get rid of that gross taste in his mouth.

Everyone had a great time on our trip through this factory but they were especially happy that we took home a large bag of their Belly Flops which we picked up at the gift shop.


Desiree said...

My kids would love that. Looks like fun!

Kodelle said...

I am so jealous! That sounds like so much fun and I love those little things. Pear is my favorite.