Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Returning to Normal

We function so much better when we are on our usual schedule. Holidays and sickness have thrown us off but today we really tried to go back to normal. We do school even during the summer because we need the set rhythm to our days. We are all happier and know what is expected of us when we follow our routine.

The past week was hard on us and it was nice to return to our everyday and normal life today.

We started a new read aloud this afternoon. I picked up Dinotopia from library last week and started reading it aloud to the boys (Sophie grabbed it off the shelf and has now read it already).  I also picked up a bunch of other Dinosaur books while I was there.
We aren't officially doing a dinosaur study but I just thought it would be fun. We study what we want, whenever we want.  This week we are going to be reading a lot about dinosaurs. We will see if there is any further interest in the subject. At the moment they love it. We read half of Dinotopia today as well as a number of the other books. They boys wanted me to keep on reading but I was starting to fall asleep. These warm temperatures make afternoon reads harder than ever. I have a feeling we will finish the book tomorrow and need to pick up another one in the Dinotopia series when we head to the library on Thursday.

Sophie too is returning to her normal self. She is totally off her pain killers. On Sunday she started to get sick from the Codeine so I stopped giving it to her. She had a few doses of regular Tylenol after that but hasn't had anything the last day or two. She is walking more and more normal but does get tired after a long walk.
She finally let me take the big bandage off her hip. I think she thought she needed the padding to protect it. All she has left is the tape on her hip. Her mouth doesn't bother her. She complains about some of the glue coming off but not about pain. The bruise on her face is turning a bit yellow on the edges so I know it healing. The swelling is almost completely gone. It is nice to see her smile and not look medicated.  She felt so good this evening she was outside enjoying a scooter ride standing with all her weight on that left hip too.

I love having a boring, uneventful, simple life!
Normal is good.


Bibliophile said...

How nice to see that you're all back in the daily routine and that Sophie is recovering well from her surgery. Terrific!

Kodelle said...

The familiar routines of home are always so safe and soothing. I love them too.