Friday, July 29, 2011

Not My Job to Entertain

My kids keep coming to me and telling me they are bored. I admit we haven't been doing our usual school work each day.  After a trip to Grandma's we always take a few days to get back into a rhythm. My kids have been sleeping in late and going to bed late so we just don't get our usual start to the day.

Wednesday morning I insisted my kids get up so we could go to the YMCA for my step class. About 5 minutes into class, still in the warm up phase of the class, I suddenly felt like my calf muscle popped. I went and walked a bit but was it was really hurting to walk. I left the class and went to talk to one of the trainers. He told me that I shouldn't walk it but that I needed to get off of it and ice it. I limped my way to pick up the kids and went home to sit in a chair with an ice pack to rest my calf upon.  It is now friday and I can walk more or less without pain but if I tweak or twist my leg at all it hurts. So I have been sitting around quite a bit even though my kids want to "do something".

I made the mistake and took my kids to the library yesterday. I limped after Molly for an hour while my kids played on the computer and then limped after her for another hour while they did the activity for the Summer Reading Club. I was really worn out after that one outing. That and one trip to the store have been about all we have done this whole week. My kids keep telling me they are bored and are always asking me for things to do. I remind them they it isn't my job to entertain them. They then think they have to play the Wii because there isn't anything else to do. I admit I have relented to video Game playing since I just don't have the energy to fight at the moment but I do try to keep them only to their hour a day.

They really can't complain too much. They have audio books to listen to and I have played endless games of Cities and Knights of Catan. The Cities and Knight expansion has sat in the closet unplayed for a number of years. It was a mistake to introduce this expansion for an already well liked game. We have had to play and play it because they want to master the new rules of play. I think the regular old Settlers of Catan game is going to be rather boring after this.  There won't be any barbarians attacking and no knights to feed. My kids are already asking when we can get the Seafarers of Catan expansion. They want to build ships and sail to other islands as well. We will have to see about that. 

They are also asking for more expansions to the Carcassonne game as well. I guess we have played these games so much lately they are almost boring because it is the same things over and over again. I guess it is time to get rid of some of the old games and get some new ones. My kids are ready for more challenging games.

The kids have spent some time outdoors too. They have rode scooters and shot hoops in the driveway. But they really had fun once I let them turn on a sprinkler and run through it.

Molly enjoyed the mud puddles created the most.
But spent some time sitting in a chair she took out onto the lawn in the spray of the sprinklers.
I really hope my leg starts to feel better soon. According to internet searches it looks like it could take some time depending on how severe the strain. I guess I won't be doing any step classes for awhile. Maybe I need to look into when the YMCA swimming pool is open for us to swim. My kids are showing signs of cabin fever.  That is something we could do, stay cool, and that wouldn't hurt my leg. Although I spend all my swimming time keeping Molly from drowning...  she has no fear of jumping off the side and wants me to let go of her......maybe that isn't a good idea.

I guess my kids are just going to have to be bored. I am just not able to come up with stuff to keep them busy all day long. Actually I am sure there are some toilets to scrub and dishes that need washing. They have been helping out a lot around the house but each time they ask me to entertain them I will have to come up with a chore that needs doing. That will stop the constant nagging for things to do.

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Desiree said...

I understand the getting bored of the already mastered games. Sometimes I wish there was a board game exchange of some sort just to change things once in a while! Those games sound interesting though. sorry to hear about your leg, get well soon!