Sunday, July 3, 2011

Liquid Diet

We are now only 3 days post op and we are already tired of the liquid diet. Sophie is feeling a bit left out when I make toast or stir fry some veggies. She normally wouldn't have been interested in the veggies but I think because it smells good she wants them.  She is craving things that aren't sweet. She is tired of juice, bananas, yogurt and milk. I think I am going to have to start experimenting with soups just so she can have a few other flavors.

I have tried to give her a variety of things to eat. We had burritos for lunch yesterday and I made some refried bean, guacamole, tomato mush for her which she ate but I know it wasn't the same as getting to have the real thing. Eating in front of her is awful. She looks longingly at the food but knows she can't have it.

Yesterday we went to a baptism (I know it seems early to take her places but she wanted to go and is bored at home) and I brought along a little yogurt drink for Sophie to have because there are always treats afterward. She was a little bothered by the cupcakes because she really wanted one but soon figured out how to squeeze the cream out of the cream puffs and into her mouth and had about 10 of those. She had a plate full of left over cream puff shells but she was happy to have gotten something yummy. 

Today I made her a regular old green smoothie. Lots of spinach mixed with some fruit and she drank it down without complaint. I should be happy with what she is able to get down. It could be a lot worse.

From the pictures above you can see that she is still swollen and a purple bruise is showing through on her cheek.  I still can't believe how well she is doing. Her pain doesn't seem too bad. We are only giving her a half dose of her Tylenol with Codine a few times a day. She doesn't ask for it but I can just tell she could use it.  So far so good.


Michelle said...

Poor girl! It's going to be a long 2 months. But I can only imagine the feast you'll be having when the 2 months is up...and she deserves every bite for doing liquid for so long.

Diane said...

Such a strong little girl. So sorry about the liquid diet. Eight weeks is along time. I am sure she is already dreaming about her first real meal when the time comes.

Alison said...

There are lots of great soup recipes out there. Pretty much any soup recipe can be pureed. Gaspzcho, creamy potato, broccoli cheese, butternut squash soups. Trader Joes has smooth soups in cartons. I like the carrot ginger and the black bean. It's definitely a tough one to do for so long.