Monday, July 25, 2011

Officially Two

I can't believe my baby is now two. Time sure flies!

She certainly loves being the center of attention. We didn't hang up balloons or banners but we did bring out the red plate for Molly to use at breakfast and then again at dinner.
She got to have her favorite snack that afternoon.  Popcorn isn't on Sophie's liquid diet so we haven't had it in over 3 weeks and Molly was so excited when that big bowl of popcorn we put down on the floor for her to enjoy.
I was actually thinking of not getting Molly anything for her birthday. She is not in need of anything. We have too many toys already in our small house but I ended up breaking down and getting her some little dolls. Molly loves to play with dolls. I thought some little dolls that she could take with her would be nice so I looked around at some mini sized dolls and just didn't find anything that I liked so I looked on ebay for some American Girl mini dolls. I found a Molly doll and her friend Emily. They are missing a few of their accessories but are still in good shape and who can beat 2 American girl dolls for $10.00 including shipping. Molly was more than happy with these two cuties.
Since the plan is for her to take them with her I thought she needed a little bag or something to carry them and keep them in. So in about 5 min I cut a large square from some scrap material and created this little doll roll.
The dolls fit in the little pockets  as if they are going into a sleeping bag. Molly finds it so fun to put them in and out of the little pouches.
Grandma got her some Sing-a-ma-jigs. I think my older kids have had more fun with these little toys. I have them take them into the bedrooms to play since they make a lot of noise.
For desert we had some Hot Fudge Sundae cake. I thought this was best since it was something soft enough for Sophie to eat with us. Plus it tastes so good! Henry told me he wants this cake for him birthday too.
Grandma also provided us with a popper. Grandmas always seem to know what kind of toys will make the most noise and therefore become their favorites.
Over the weekend we went up to the other grandma's house and she made Molly a dress for her favorite doll. This is the doll this Grandma had given her last year for her birthday and the little nightgown was perfect for this little baby doll.

Molly had a great birthday. We never had an official party but we ate lots of cake and opened a number of presents.
The strawberry cake we served for dinner with the cousins was very tasty. I had mentioned a strawberry cake to the kids a few weeks ago since Molly's favorite book is still The Big Hungry Bear and the Red Ripe Strawberry.
I didn't hear any complaints about the cake and ice cream so everyone must have enjoyed it. Even Sophie had a piece. She mixed her cake and crushed up the strawberries into the ice cream to make a nice ice cream cake mush.

Here is Molly with the cousin closest to her age. (Sorry it is fuzzy. The picture is taken through the window screen.) They are about 7 months different in age. It looks like a lot more in this picture. I guess over the next few months my girl will grow up to be an even bigger girl like this cousin. 

My Goodness do this kids grow up quickly!

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