Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Instead of Math

I started something new a few weeks ago. I thought it would just be for the summer but I have a feeling it is going to become permanent because my kids are making sure I keep it up. I decided to take one day off of Math workbooks and we play a game. It isn't always Friday, in fact it isn't any set day. We just take one day each week (when ever I feel like it) and we play a game of some sort that is math related.

One week we played Set.

Another week we played Skip-bo.

Last week we played Sum Swamp.

Today Sophie decided it needed to be game. She evidently didn't like the idea of doing Math Mammoth worksheets. The kids wanted to play Settlers of Catan.

We just played it the night before for our Family Home Evening activity (I love it when it is my choice to pick the activity) so I said we should find something else. There was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth until I went to the closet and pulled out a game from the section of the closet that holds the more adult games. The games I don't let the kids play unless an adult plays with them. I pulled out a game that I had bought my husband years and years ago but we haven't really played.  I didn't even know exactly how to play. It is called Carcassonne.

I told the kids that I thought it was a River Roads and Rails type of game with some Castle Keep and Settler's of Catan thrown in. They were skeptical but decided to give it a try since those are games they know and love.  I wasn't surprised that they absolutely loved this game. I would almost venture to say they liked it even more than Settler's, if that is possible. I know Henry liked this one better because he could understand it better and he didn't have a bunch of cards he was trying to deal with. This game is a little more straight forward.

We played it three times during Molly's nap. I don't know exactly how I can claim this one has Math in it, but there is logic and planning and some strategy used. Plus you have to count up your points through out the game and at the end there is some multiplication you can use to tally up the points as well. I was happy with the 2+ hours we spent playing it over and over again. Each time the kids got better and better at their different strategies.

I have a feeling this one is going to be coming out of the closet a lot in the future. I heard Sophie say, "I am going to pick this when it is my turn to pick the activity next week". So I know what we will be playing on Monday night.

I know there are a few expansions to go along with this game. Perhaps we will have to explore a few of those as well.

I have a feeling


Kodelle said...

We love games and have SkipBo but the rest are new to me. They all look fun. Hmmmm maybe for Christmas. Thanks for the ideas.

Bibliophile said...

I have never heard of Carcassone, but I know it's a famous castle in France. I will have to check up on that one!

Cellista said...

I love Set. Castle Keep is one of our favorites as well. Carcasonne is on my wishlist. I love playing games, but we've outgrown a lot of what we have. A, especially, begs for some harder more grownup games. I've also got my eye on Ticket to Ride.

Speaking of math, have you seen Khanacademy.org? It's an amazing resource. A's trying to earn more points and badges than I have gotten so far.