Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Doesn't Mean We Get To Sleep In!

On Monday morning most kids in our area were either sleeping in or excitedly getting ready for what ever Summer Camp they were signed up for. School was out for the Summer and they got to play. That isn't how things are done around our house. I much prefer to keep to our usual schedule. That way we still have our scripture/devotional time in the morning which always seems to get put on the way side when we don't "do school". So on Monday morning we started school again. Not that we ever really stopped. We had just been on vacation and had to get back to normal.

We do take things a little lighter since there are many interruptions that seem to pop up quite often during these few months. Friends that want to have play dates and outings. But, more or less, our mornings are spent the same way as they are done during any other part of the year.

Once thing I do plan to focus on during these few months is Science. We really scuttled science last year so I feel like we need to find some focus. I decided to just start over in the four year rotation. We will be starting over with history in the Fall so I thought we could get a jump start on biological science this summer.

I am trying yet another science curriculum. I bought the Apologia Exploring Creation Zoology book, Flying Creatures of the Fifth day.  We went through the first lesson this week. So far so good.

We learned about classification of animals, habitats, extinction, and a little about a physics of flying.  There are 14 lessons in the book and each lesson should take about a week to complete so we have a Summer's worth of science plus some.
The kids had a great time cutting up the Bird magazines I had found at the library in the discarded magazines.  So they made collages of birds and insects since that is what this Zoology book covers.  Wow 14 weeks on Birds and insects. That seems like a long time. We will see how this goes.
Sophie wrote quite a bit in her new notebook
Ian of course wrote as little as possible. This is the phrase the book taught the kids so they can remember all the different classification terms.

During the heat of the Day we also spent some time watching the Discovery Channel Life DVD which we were given a few months ago. My kids love it.

So along with the usual Math, Scripture, Writing, Music and such we will actually be doing Science. Or at least that is the plan.

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Anonymous said...

Matt loved these Apologia books, they're his favorite memories of his grammar stage days. Hope you like them!
-Aunt Jody