Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hansel and Gretel in the Creepy Woods

Friday is usually co-op day. But tomorrow we don't have it. Co-op is off for the Summer. I don't know if my kids are going to be able to handle it. They asked me today what we were going to do (which means where are we going to go) since we don't have co-op as usual.

We only joined a co-op last fall but already my kids LOVE it. There are kids of all ages that attend. There are some just about to head off to college while there are some babies that are running around. There are usually classes divided into age groups but sometimes the whole group does things together. It has been a really good experience this year.

The last few months, one of the classes the kids have done is Drama. I wasn't surprised Sophie liked it. She is a very dramatic girl but I was shocked that Ian actually really liked it. He is usually such a shy kid. He even got the lead role in the end of term play the kids performed. He played Hansel in the Hansel and Gretel and the Creepy Wood play.

Even Henry liked it enough to take a part in the play even through it was supposed to be for the 6-12 year olds. Henry got to play one of the 7 dwarfs, Smelly I believe. Sophie played the mean step mother.

They incorporated the younger kids into the story (they were supposed to be the ferocious beasts out in the forest even though they were dressed up as butterflies, unicorns and such.) and used some of the older kids to bring them on and off the stage (they are the trees of the creepy wood) .
On performance night I was pleasantly surprised that my kids performed so well.  The performance was the day after we got home from our trip and they scheduled a special practice just for our kids that morning since we missed two practices. That morning rehearsal didn't got that well. But that night the kids pulled through and didn't forget their lines or joke around like they had been doing that morning.
We made a big deal about the show. Parents, Grandparents and friends were invited for the show. The older kids had a Shakespeare play they were performing and the kids all sang a few songs also. The group practices songs every week and sings once a month at a nursing home.
This was a very nice way to end the year and the kids got a chance to perform in front of an audience.
Here is the cast of Hansel and Gretel. What a great group of kids!

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