Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mid-Summer's Eve

We have spent the last few days listening to Fablehaven. Sophie had a hard time not telling us what was going to happen next because she listened to the book on the airplane and during our trip.

Conversations around our house are now all about fairies, our need for some brownies or a golum, and what demons look like. Sophie draws pictures of different fairies and the boys have been building Fablehaven characters and even the house out of their legos. This is quite a feat since we don't have any regular lego bricks only a bunch of specialty pieces that have come with all the different sets we have acquired. Not many regular old Lego bricks in the box but they improvised

I believe the Dad from the Indiana Jones set is Grandpa, Hermione Granger is used as Kendra, Indiana Jones is Seth, Marion is Grandma and they have a bunch of storm troopers that are fairies. They even built the yard, complete with a little pond or swimming pool and had a great time acting out some of the scenes from the book.

This morning I found that Sophie had taken it upon herself to protect our house. We mentioned that Summer official starts on the 21st and since in the story the night before the first day of summer or Mid-Summer's Eve was a big deal and caused a lot of trouble. In the book they layered on protections so Sophie decided to do the same for us. We had paper lanterns and such stuck to the doors and who knows what else she had dreamed up.

I love it that my kids get so excited about a series of books. I have had the first two Fablehaven books sitting on the shelf for a few months.  They came via Paperback swap and we just weren't ready yet to read them. We had a bunch of other things to get through. But when I went to look for Audio books to take our trip Fablehaven was there at the library so I brought it home. Sophie loved it and wanted to talk about it so we knew we all needed to listen to it. Now my kids are begging me to read aloud the 2nd book. Sophie has already read it. She picked it up the moment we got home and started reading it. a few days later the 3rd book became available from paperbackswap and when it arrived she stayed up late reading it and spent a day or two reading every chance she could get. She has now finished the first three books and wants so badly to tell us what happens next. She is going to have to hold back because we want to read the books and not have them spoiled.

My kids sure love fantasy stories!

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