Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Molly's picks.

When Sophie was a baby we read books, books and more books. She would sit through one after another and happily sit in my lap and let me read. Ian wasn't quite as good about sitting with us when we read books. He was busy and I just chalked it up as being a boy thing. Henry came along and wouldn't sit still worth anything for a book and usually caused so much mischief whenever I was occupied on anything other than watching him, story time was almost always when he went down for a nap. I am sorry to say the same is true about Molly. She always seems to choose that moment, when I have the three older kids draped around me on the couch reading a book, to dump out all the washing soap or pull the wet wipes out of the containers and throw them one by one into the garbage.

Thank goodness Henry grew out of the mischief making and now asks for books all the time. I are really waiting for that to happen with Molly. I know it will. The signs are there that she is really starting to enjoy books and will sit through longer pages with less pictures. In fact these are the books she has taken a fancy to lately and we seem to read a lot.

The Story of Babar isn't really one of my favorite stories. In fact it is a little strange. Molly will sit through the entire book several times a day.  I am almost ready to hide this one where she can't find it. Or maybe we just need to find another of the Babar books so at least it will be a different story.

The Big Hungry Bear, or the "strawberry" book as Molly calls it is her absolute favorite at the moment. Not only can she listen to it several times in a day she often demands it retold several times in one sitting.

Winnie the Pooh has been a favorite for some time. We don't make it through a whole bunch in one sitting. There are a lot of words and very few pictures but Molly is always bringing it to me to read to her and the other kids will always climb into the chair with us to listen to the story as well.

Madeline books too are often thrown my way, The Bad Hat is the most frequent but any of them are alright. I don't know if it is the size of these books but something really appeals to Molly about these stories. Our set of these books is actually somewhat small, about half a sheet of normal 8.5x11  paper. Molly has always been attracted by little books. The Babar book too is a petite version of the tale.

For what ever reason, these are Molly's favorites. She sticks to the old classic tales I guess. But then that is about all she will find on our shelves. (Only because the Star Wars and Spiderman books are tucked away into the boy's bedroom. Those don't stay in the big bookcase in the main room where we do most of our reading. )


Karen Smith said...

The Red Ripe Strawberry book is Cambria's favorite book too. She will always say "Strawberry" (or her form of it anyway) after we say "Red Ripe.." every time. She also loves the "Boom! Boom! Boom!" of the BIG HUNGRY BEAR.

Malissa said...

That's a great book list. Some of those are read around here a lot too!