Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finally the Beach!

Are you tired of hearing about our trip yet? I still have a few more days to post about so bear with me as I include a few more our things from our trip. I use this blog as my journal, our family scrapbook and have to include as much as I can so that when I print it out the best stuff is there.

So after three days of walking around Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural Center my kids were ready for a day at the beach. Since we had some residents as our guides we were taken to a number of places to see some of the beautiful places on the south east side of the Island.

We were decked out in our swimming suits and loaded down with towels and boards and such ready to play in the sand and waves.

We drove around the south eastern tip of the Island and stopped first at a place called the "china wall". It was just a shear cliff where we could watch the waves swish around between the rocks and splash. It was beautiful.

 I guess this is called the washer because the water swirls around like a washing machine at this spot.
 We climbed around on the rocks for awhile and as the waves started to get bigger and began to get us wet we decided to jump back into the cars to head to our next look out spot.

We stopped at a few places to look at the view. At one of the stops  there was blow hole which was fun to watch.

 My kids were getting tired of stopping just to look around and hike along the coast. They wanted to go and play in the waves. So we finally headed to the beach.

 Once you get past the trees the sand was so fine and soft. You did have to watch for blue bubbles (Portuguese man of war jelly fish) but there were very few of them.
 Molly, as usual, wanted to go straight into the water.
 She brought her bucket with her so she could fill it with water.

 There is no fear of the waves in this one. She loved the water rolling in around her.

 The boys monopolized the boogie boards. Even though they hadn't ever done it before they caught on pretty quickly.

 Sophie spent some time out in the water and a some time out on sand digging and building.
 Eventually Molly conked out and slept.  She caught her naps whenever and where ever she could.

Before heading back at the end of the day. Just before we entered the tunnel that would go through the mountain and take up back to the city we went to one last look out spot to look out on the valley
 As we drove about the island we saw a lot of wild chickens wandering around. My kids loved spotting them as we passed.

It was a great day at the beach. Exactly what my kids were wanting.

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