Sunday, October 31, 2010

When Halloween is on Sunday......

We did Halloween on Saturday.
Here they are dressed up in their costumes for our church's Trunk or Treat.
Sophie just reused the witch costume I made her last year. Henry could just barely fit into the skeleton costume which he wore a year or two ago and for Ian we found a Harry Potter robe at Goodwill and some big round glasses at the dollar store. All were happy with their costumes. Molly was not so happy with her costume. She was supposed to be a kangaroo. It is the 2T costume each of the kids has worn but she wouldn't wear it. She didn't like it over her head so we improvised with the tu tu. She could handle that so it worked.

One the kids jumped out of the car at the trunk or treat we hardly even saw them. They ran from carnival game to carnival game winning little toys and candies. Henry stopped just long enough for me to draw a skull and crossbones (his choice) on his face.

Then it was time for go outside for the big candy getting. Again, we couldn't see our kids as they ran from car to car. I was surprised by how quickly Molly picked up on the idea that she could go up to each car, hold her hand out and wiggle her fingers and soon a candy would be put in her little hand. 

She even figured out that the bag was useful to hold her stash. It was very cute to watch.

So even if my kids don't get to go door to door asking for candy they still got quite a haul.

Happy Halloween!

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Bibliophile said...

I wish I could have been there to see the excitement! I didn't go to our ward's Trunk or Treat, but Julie had a good time getting all the candy. Thanks for the photos of the kids!