Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Little One

One of the things that has been taking up a lot of my time is this little one.  I know I post pictures of her all the time and she is very cute. She is also my constant companion. When I sit down to read a story to the kids she is right there hitting the book out of my hands. If I try to read my own book she quickly decides she needs a drink or a diaper change or has made a mess that I need to clean up.  If I sit down to practice the piano she is right there hitting the keys and screeching to be allowed her playing time.
We keep hoping the screeching and the desire to play the piano will pay off one day and she will be a great musician. For now we often call her "Seniora Castafiore", who is the opera singer from the Tintin books. This screech must be good for something. She doesn't seem to be growing out of it. It is growing with her and she is using it quite often. Perhaps when there are words the high pitched vocals will subside but for now they are always there and always very nerve wracking.

Molly loves to get into everything too. She is constantly rearranging my cupboards. My pots and bowls are banged about and filled with all the treasures she finds in the pantry.  Oh, the pantry is her absolute favorite place to play. She can find bottles of all shapes and sizes there. For some reason she likes to carry around the big bottle of vinegar while making sounds like a weight lifter.

Last night she sat on my kitchen floor and played with some steal cut oats for a good 20 min. I was busy grinding up wheat and rice to make flour as well as watching a pot of oats that I was cooking to go in oatmeal bread. Molly got a hold of the oats and dumped out a bunch. My first reaction was to get peeved but then I thought about how easy it was going to be to clean up. Just a quick sweep and all would be well again. Even her clothes wouldn't be covered with anything, they would brush off and all would be swell. So I let her play.
She made oatmeal angels laying on the floor and swinging her arms and legs through the oats. She picked them up and put them in the bowls and then dumped them out again. She would have stayed longer but I was done and needed to move on to other things. I will have to remember steal cut oats as a good "clean" fun mess for her to play in. Luckily she didn't have that much in the can to dump out. 
So yes, Molly keeps me busy.  Maybe I am just getting old.


Bibliophile said...

What a cutie she is!

The Henry's said...

I need to have your attitude more when dealing with London's messes!