Monday, October 11, 2010

Henry's Choice, Every Time

It was Henry who got to pick our activity for Family Home Evening tonight. Before he even walked to the game closet I knew what he would pick. It is always the same game. Good thing it is a fun game.

I picked this game up on ebay a few years ago. Eldorado is a Discovery Toys game from the late 80's. It is just known in our house as the Goldmining game. The boys especially love it. Sophie always rolls her eyes. Not that she doesn't like it she just thinks it is funny that it is always what Henry picks.
The object of the game is to empty the fort of gold. You collect gold by landing on the mines.
This is the fun part. You get to use your little pick ax to pull up a piece of the board and put it on the scale to weigh it. You get the keep the weight of that piece in gold.
There are also places where you spend some of your gold. If you need supplies from the general store or victuals from Joe's then you weigh the store (part of the board comes up)  and pay that much from your stores of gold. You can also land on bandits that steal your weight in gold.  If you land on an already occupied square then you get to also steal gold from the miner already there.  So there is a lot of gold passing back and forth between players and lots of opportunities to use the scale.
We usually break out the math scale rather than use the one that came with the game. It was getting hard to use the cardboard scales. My kids didn't feel like they were as accurate.

At least if we play this game so much, it is a good one. And doesn't take hours to play. It only lasted 20 minutes tonight. We have had to put a 30 min limit on the activity for FHE. We play the longer games on Sunday afternoons. But of course on what ever day it is this is always Henry's choice.

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Bibliophile said...

That sounds like an interesting game. Henry must really enjoy the action!