Friday, October 1, 2010

Harry Potter Book Report

Throughout the month of September Sophie was reading and taking notes to write another book report. She choose the book and with some guidance, wrote this report. I had to correct some spelling as I typed but the grammar is all hers. 

This is a picture of the final draft that she did for me.

I really should make her rewrite it. It looks more like a rough draft than a finished product.  I don't think she capitalized any of the proper names throughout her work unless it was the beginning of a sentence. (She must have that rule down. We will work on the others.) There are also quite a few scribbled out words and many misspellings but I am going to let it go for now. I am just glad that she is willing to write something for me. She had been fighting it so much in the past.  Besides she will be typing reports before too long and that will help with the writing and some of the misspellings... I know I depend on spell check a lot.

I read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. As I was reading this third book, I found out more about the characters. This one seemed scarier than the first two. There were more dangerous things in this story. Harry also is more scared because of the things in this book than in the others. He has to learn how to deall with his fears.

At Harry's care of magical creatures class, Hagrid introduced Buckbeak. Hagrid said that hipogrifs were dangerous and didn't like to be insulted. Buckbeak could really hurt Harry with his sharp claws. Malfoy didn't listen and got hurt. Harry was able to touch Buckbeak, because he listened to Hagrid. Harry did not need to have any fear because Hagrid knew how to deal with Buckbeak.
She illustrated her report too
Harry was on the train when it was stopped by dementors. Professor Lupin knew how to stop them. Harry asked Professor Lupin to teach him how to stop dementors. Lupin says yes. So Harry learns how to defend himself from dementors. He practices on a bogart. Harry now can stop dementors by learning to defend himself with a patronus charm.

Everybody said Sirus Black was evil and dangerous. Harry learns that Sirus was not a spy for Voldemort and was not involved in Harry's parents murder. Sirus was his Godfather and wanted to protect him. Harry was very excited! Harry eventually saves Sirus from the dementors.

Through the experiences in this book Harry learns that to overcome fear he had to learn and prepare himself. I can overcome my fear by learning more about what I am afraid of. I enjoyed this book and watching the character's abilities grow.


She is doing pretty well. The 5 paragraph essay is coming along. 


the lazy reader said...

Aw3some job, Sophie. I love the illustration of the dementor. I have never been the best speller myself. I just get caught up in writing and don't pay attention. Spell check is my a good friend of mine.

the lazy reader said...

Um . . that 3 is really an e undercover. Oh, and that last sentence, apparently I don't edit very well either.