Thursday, October 21, 2010

Odds and Ends

Since I can't seem to find a moment to actually write a post I figured I would just throw a few pictures up of a few things that I don't want to forget.

 Here is Sophie displaying the flower arrangement we made together at the Mother Daughter activity that they had last week. It looked so cute in the pumpkin. We had to throw the pumpkin out after a few days because it got soft but the flowers are still holding on a whole week later. It has been nice to have such beautiful colors to pass around our house. We don't have a great place to put the arrangement so it gets moved from the table to the counter to the table and then the counter.  Sophie is very proud of it!

 This little lady is growing up too quickly. I can almost say she is my easiest baby... but only certain aspects are easier. She goes to sleep and stays asleep better than any of my other kids did at her age. She is a breeze to get her down for a nap (at home).  But she is also so difficult at the same time. Her screeching is getting out of hand and it is driving me bonkers. But she is a cutie and I really hope she grows out of it.

 Sophie is doing a project on Presidents of the United States. We are doing parts of the lapbook from Homeschoolshare. As part of this project she wrote a letter to President Obama. It was sent on Monday so we are going to see how long it takes before we get a reply. We are hoping for a signed picture or something to put in the lapbook.

We haven't gone to any pumpkin patches this year. I don't know why I have so little motivation to do some of these rituals. My kids don't seem to mind. We did pick up a few pumpkins at the grocery and a few Halloween decorations at the dollar store which seems to be enough for my kids. I am glad they are easy to please. I just never feel the need to go all out with decorations. I don't have the space to store such things year after year or the money to spend on such things. So for now they have to be content with disposable decorations.

This post ended up with only pictures of my girls. I will have to make an effort to take more pictures with my boys.

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Malissa said...

What a pretty flower decorations! She did a great job!!