Monday, November 1, 2010

I Read Signs and Symbols

 I love Tana Hoban's books. They are just photographs, no text. I remember getting these books long ago as a go along with a FIAR book. I think it was Katy and the Big Snow but I can't remember exactly. We looked through this book and then suddenly Ian noticed all the signs around him. He would come to a door and he would read Push or Pull and he started to tell me which was the Exit and which the Enter.
I put these in my library bag a week or so ago while at the library. I remembered what a change they made in Ian and was hoping to try it again with Henry. We stared with the I Read Symbols book. He knew most of them but it helped him get used to the idea of looking at the signs and symbols around him. We then looked at the I read Signs and he loved reading what was on each sign. As we were driving down the road later that day he was telling me all the different signs he was seeing. He realized how many signs there are all around us.

It is always fun to see these little guys suddenly see things they never saw before but had always been there around them.

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Bibliophile said...

It's too bad that these great books were not published until now. They look like very good first books for people who want to learn to read.