Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yet another week.

I don't know where the time goes. I haven't posted since my last weekly report. This blog isn't just supposed to be these boring record keeping type of posts. Hopefully I will do better.... at least I will try to do better. Life just seems to fly by. I have been reading a lot of great posts about family on the blogs Chocolate on my Cranium and We Talk of Christ. I especially enjoyed this post. It was just what I have been feeling this week. I know I have been a bit of a bear. I think Cranky,highly irritable and easily provoked would sum up my state the last few days. I don't know exactly why but, my goodness, I have just felt wrung and worn out.

Anyway... on to what we actually accomplished.

Henry -
  • I read to him every day. He got to choose any book on the shelf and I read it to him. This may sound like a easy thing but often he just gets sucked into the books I am reading to Sophie and Ian for history or something and he get forgotten so I have been trying to make an effort to read him something that he chooses and asks me to read. Luckily most of the books on our shelves are good ones so I don't feel like we are wasting our time at all. In fact a lot of them are Before Five in a Row books and Five in a Row books that he has been picking so I informally do some of those FIAR things with him. His favorite book this week was The Red Carpet. Our library system only has one copy of this great book.  I will be so sad when I can't check it out anymore!
  • He did a few pages of the Explode the Code 1 book. I think he is doing about 2 pages everyday. That feels good to him and I think anything he is willing to do it good.
  • He read to me. Sometimes it was Bob books and I have started to introduce the McGuffey primer. He seems to be doing alright with the short McGuffey lessons so that may work out better for him.
  • He did a little coloring, cutting and pasting with our History Pocket stuff.

  • Explode the code each day. He is doing 4 pages everyday which means he goes through 2 lessons each week. 
  • One Singapore Math lesson each day. 2A doesn't seem too challenging for him yet.
  • Finished reading My Father's Dragon to me and started Elmer and the Dragon  as well as the First McGuffey reader. He is reading really well now. 
  • Participates with all our history reading and activities
  • Copywork each day from The Family proclamation

  • So, so close to finishing Singapore Math 4A. She loves getting to use the triangles and protractors to measure and create angles.
  • Is reading to me from the McGuffey reader each day. I think she is reading the Third one to me and then Narrates to me. I am trying to actively do narration with each of the kids when they read aloud to me. It is one of the Charlote Mason skills I have sort of done but now I am actively doing it with the kids.
  • Copywork from the Family Proclamation each day. 
  • Participated in the reading and activities we have done with our Civil War studies.

Now one thing I have changed recently is to stop hitting myself over the head about not doing science. I am going to try something new. Rather than alternate days with history or add it in when we can, I am just going to do a unit of history for a few weeks and then a unit of Science. So when we finish our Civil War study in about 2 or so weeks we will then do our science about motion and simple machines.  I am hoping this way we can do our study and not be so distracted by feeling like I should be doing the other subject as well. I have just been having a hard time doing both. So one at a time sounds good right now.  I may even get around to adding in some Latin and such back in. Not this week though. 

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Being A Mother Who Knows said...

Science is our weakest subject also. This isn't good because I have two children that definately lean toward it. I like your idea about just doing it for a couple of weeks and thinking about it as a unit. I could handle that I hope.

Thanks for the good ideas.