Sunday, September 5, 2010

For the Record - Week 2

Before the next school week starts and before I forget what we accomplished over the past week I thought I had better write it down.

Devotional - We continue to do our Family Proclamation study. We are in the 2nd paragraph now. We talked about being made in the Image of God. Each of the kids colored a tracing of their body.

They are enjoying this study of the Proclamation. Coming up with activities for them each day is challenging me. We will see what I come up with.

History - Nothing really formal. Still don't have a program we are following but we did read a number different books this week. I know my husband read a different "You wouldn't want to...." book each night as the bedtime read with the kids. So they got to know why it wouldn't have been fun to be a Victorian servant, on the first submarine, a mill worker, or a coal miner. I read to them the one about the potato famine in Ireland. So they have been getting some History in even if they don't know or call it that. They just think those books are interesting. I also picked up a few books about Florance Nightengale and we read those during the week as our History study.  I am not quite ready to jump into a study of the Civil War yet. I think we may take one more week or so and continue to read books about things and events about the world of the mid 1800's.

Math - Singapore Math went alright this week. Sophie can do the math quite easily once she gets over the fact that it is math. She throws a fit about doing math each time but when she finally calms down and does the math it isn't "impossible" at all. She is almost done with 4A, one section left.  Ian is doing great through his Singapore Math book too and is almost finished with 1B.  Henry has no desire yet and so I don't push it for him at all.

Science - We didn't do any science reading but did do a few experiments about air and built a
hovercraft. I didn't get the camera out to document our work. I was too busy making sure they didn't burn down the house.  They did do a few of the write ups on the different projects.

Language arts - We are reading A Little Princess. The boys don't seem to mind that there isn't any boys in the story. 
Ian is reading My Father's Dragon to me. We take turns reading a page each.
Henry tried to read the first Bob book to me. He actually didn't do too bad. He is almost finished with the last of the Explode the Code primers. But we haven't really worked on putting the different sounds together so this was a big jump.
Sophie read Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban and is starting to take notes on it for a book report.

FIAR - Our first Five in a Row book is the Adventures of Peter Rabbit. We have been reading Peter Rabbit as well as another of Beatrix Potter's books each day.  We talked about England and colored in a Union Jack. We also have read a number of books about rabbits. I can't say we exhausted our study of  Peter Rabbit but at least Henry got some quiet time with Mom each day.

I still haven't figured out how to fit in a lot of the extras we used to do into our schedule. We haven't done music, art or latin in a long, long time. Eventually we need to start getting them into our week.  This isn't the one however. This was the start of Birthday week. Henry just turned 5 and Sophie will turn 9 in a few days.  With so much excitement and cake in their systems I think anything we accomplish is good.

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