Sunday, September 12, 2010

Accomplish Anything?

I feel like I really need to do my weekly report just to see if we actually did some work. Each day seemed to pass without us getting to all of what I wanted to do. So going through the subjects and writing down what we actually did may show we did more than I thought. Lets see......

Scripture - We finally made it through 2nd Nephi. We have had a number of good discussions during our scripture reading time.

Proclamation - We are in the 3rd paragraph and each day we do a small activity that sort of goes along with something in that paragraph. One day this week with played with play dough.

We were making people and trying to guess if they were boys or girls.

This was fun for the kids and reminded me that we need to get some new play dough. This old stuff is looking so dry and yucky.
History - I can't say we did history. I am still thinking about a Civil War unit and gathering books and resources but haven't quite decided to get started. We are about half way through Minn of the Mississippi. That is what we have been doing with the time we would have been doing history. The kids seem to like it. They loved Paddle to the Sea when we read it last year. We have a map that I printed off the internet of the Mississippi and we have been following Minn's progress down the river. They are also learning a lot about snapping turtles as we read along with the bit of Geography.

Science - I don't think we did much science at all this week. Nothings formal at least. We did watch a movie about inventions and the kids have been reading The New Way Things Work book on their free time. They love that book. I am glad Henry got it for his Birthday and now they can read it anytime and we don't have to return it.

Math -  Ian is starting his last section in his Singapore 1B book. This one is about money. He is happy to be done with subtraction. Sophie finally finished Fractions. We did the review on Friday so we get to start something new on Monday.  I had to return Life of Fred to the library since it was requested but I ordered a copy and we will do it when we finish this 4A math book.

Language Arts - We are almost finished with The Little Princess.  Even my boys seem to love this story. They worry about Sara Crewe and want her to be happy again. The book really is better than the movie versions. I am enjoying all the internal things described that you just can't show in a movie.

We did a few lessons from our English for the LDS child but didn't do it every day.

Henry is done with his Explode the Code primers and will be starting Explode the code 1 on Monday. He also has been reading Bob Books to me. So far we have gone through the first 4 little books. He is the one asking me to listen to him read them. He initiates it so we do it. I am not pushing it on him.

Ian is just finishing Explode the Code 3. He is on the last lesson. He is also reading aloud to me each day from different books.

Sophie didn't work on her book report at all (at least to my knowledge she didn't) I did find her reading Harry Potter quite a bit so perhaps she is doing some additional reading to get ready to write. We will see....

I think that is about all we did this week. No FIAR book. No music, although my kids keep practicing the first few lessons in the Teaching little Fingers to play book. They are all still working on using different fingers to hit each key rather than just hit the keys with their pointers. Left hand especially. Sophie is actually doing great! She tries to move ahead but gets frustrated and goes back to the easy ones. This is fine by me since she usually fights piano lessons at all.

We did have a painting art project but I will share that one tomorrow. It was related to our Family Proclamation study.

So I feel alright about our week. It is a Birthday week.

 Both Henry and Sophie had a birthday and that always adds to the excitement, planning and sugar load of the house.
I think the kids rode the carrosel at least 5 times. They wanted to ride all the different animals. At one point Sophie was in tears because she had to ride the Ocapi instead of the Bald Eagle. So of course we had to go one more time so she could ride the eagle.

These pictures are from our trip to a Park and Zoo near us. This is what Henry choose to do on his Birthday.  This is the new tradition. No party just a trip to the museum, zoo or fun place of your choice. It works well.

So we did accomplish quite a bit. We are learning and that is all that matters.

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