Saturday, September 18, 2010

New developments in the Hair Battle

When Sophie was a little girl she used to let me put her cute little curly locks in pony tails, but only if I parked her in front of a Thomas the Tank Engine video while I combed it. As she got older even the electronic distraction no longer worked and eventually I gave up on getting her hair to look like someone took care of her. She usually has it cut short now, because when it gets long she doesn't take care of it. Her hair gets tangled and looked messy all the time. So for now she has it short. And she looks very cute with her chin length bob.

For her birthday this year I gave her an American Girl Hair care kit. It teaches her how to do different hair styles on her American Girl doll. She has told me it is her favorite gift. She certainly has spent a good amount of time using the new wig brush and hair accessories that came in the kit. She is learning how to braid and do different twists.

She is getting pretty good at some of the hair styles and really enjoys making her doll look beautiful.
I hope some of this hair care will roll over into her taking a little more care of her own hair. So far it hasn't. She just doesn't care if her hair is hanging in her face or that it doesn't look like she even ran a brush through it before going out. For now I just have to be content with the new found fun she is having and the skills she is developing. 

I just don't want to fight about hair anymore.

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Beck's Bounty said...

I have 6 children; 4 boys and 2 girls. Between our girls, Cherub 2 has lovely long silky shiny hair because she brushes it and cares for it. Cherub 5, on the other hand, ha beautiful baby-blond wavy locks, and cannot often be bothered to run a brush through it daily, often appearing as though just in from a wicked wind storm. Hummmmmmmm.

I keep thinking that someday she'll brush it and care for it .... I hope. (Incidentally, her dolls look just like her -- nary a brush or comb in sight. HA !)