Monday, September 27, 2010

A message to the Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy,

My kids wanted to leave you a note to explain a few things. They are tired of you forgetting to come. They don't accept excuses like "There were so many kids to visit she has to spread them out a little" or "Perhaps she was broke and needed to come when she had a little more cash on hand".  I understand completely. They are loosing teeth so quickly it is hard to keep up. And money is tight for everyone.

These kids also are starting to leave you "invoices" or notes explaining what they are expecting to find under their pillows. I think last week Sophie said she so excited that she was going to get a charcoal grey Webkinz cat. She was disappointed when all she found was a dollar under her pillow the next morning.

This morning Ian woke up, having left his 2nd lost tooth in a week under his pillow and was also upset that it was "just a dollar". He explained that he got $1.50 for his last tooth.  He felt like he should have gotten at least that much. I tried to tell him that he should be happy that the tooth fairy visits at all. She doesn't have to come and leave a bit of money. She doesn't come to every kid in every country.  He was still a bit disapointed as he put his measly bill in his piggy bank.

Poor Henry is often having me check his mouth for loose teeth and still I can't see any wigglers.  Start saving those quarters and dimes because I am only guessing his demands for cash and prizes will be even greater than those of these other ungrateful children.  We may need to come up with a better plan. Either that or make these kids stop growing up so fast.

I think you are doing a great job. I will have to try to teach my children better manners and some gratitude.


the lazy reader said...

Ha ha! I love it!

Bibliophile said...

Great letter to the Tooth Fairy! You have a little time before Henry starts begging her for goodies.