Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LDS Homeschooling Blog

I just heard about a new homeschooling blog to help LDS families to connect, share ideas, receive encouragement or just giggle. Today I read the post the post called The Joy of living in Holland. I couldn't help but grin as I read the linked article called Holland Schmolland. Having grown up with a sister with Downs Syndrome I had read the Welcome to Holland Story before but the Schmolland version just rang true.

I checked out the author page and found that I only knew two of the authors that are listed. I am looking forward to reading their posts and adding to the discussion when I can. At the moment they are having a giveaway as part of their Grand Opening so go check out the prizes and join in.

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Aly in Va said...

It's great you were able to find a site that supports your belief and decision to homeschool.