Monday, March 15, 2010

A Fun Reason to Review

The last few months have flown by. Molly is already getting so big and so mobile and the kids are always thrilled to see her do something new for the first time. This has lead to many discussions about each of them when they were babies. They want to know what they were like at her age and when they did the same things.
It has been a lot of fun to dig into my memories of each of them and pull out little things I remember about their first years. It is sad to think how much, I either don't remember and/or didn't document. A lot has come back to me as I am experiencing many of these firsts again with Molly.
I haven't been able to keep up on our family scrapbooks but the kids love to look through the ones I have completed. They look at those pictures and "remember" the events they see.

Sophie loves to see pictures of her dressed in the clothes that I now put on Molly. Some of them have actually lasted the 8 years between girls.

Ian is excited that Molly often crawls a lot like he did, with one knee and one foot.
Today Molly crawled over to the dishwasher and pulled herself up to play with the dishes inside. It brought back memories of Henry doing that very thing. He would cry and cry when I either took him away or closed it up. It was always one of his favorite things. It looks like a magnet for Molly as well. I don't think I had a dishwasher when Sophie and Ian were small so it doesn't bring back memories of them, just Henry.

Sophie is the only child I actually remember her first word. She loves to tell people that her first word was Bubble. I guess I took her outside a lot to blow bubbles because that was the first recognizable word. Ian has asked what his first word was and I have told him that he made signs and gestures for a long time and then around age 3 just started speaking in sentences. So I don't remember his exact word but he loves to tell people his first word was a sentence.

Henry doesn't seem to mind that I don't remember his first words. He loves the stories I tell of his many climbing adventures. Once he could crawl he was everywhere. Even up the ladder to the top bunk.

Sophie, Ian and Henry sure love their little sister. Molly is never happier then whey they are all on the floor together playing little people or legos. She wants so badly to be a part of the excitement around her. She is soon going to be just one of the gang. I don't know if I am ready for that.

My kids are growing up too fast!


Bibliophile said...

Thanks for this retrospective! What great children you have!

aly in va said...

such a lovely family...and yes, she is getting big- I can really tell from the earlier photos :)

the lazy reader said...

Your daughters look just like you. The photo of the three of you is so cute. How fun to look back at such wonderful memories.