Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Writing without a pencil

Since Sophie has been fighting the physical act of writing lately I have decided to be a little more creative and at least play some word games. We have made crossword puzzles and used our magnetic letters to make words. Today I broke out our Scrabble game and we played one round of it. She loved it and wanted to play another round. The boys wanted to play too but they mostly just wanted to play with the letter tiles. I told Soph that she needed to play Scrabble with Grandma because it is her favorite game. I can remember my Mom and my Grandma play a few scrabble games each time we went over to her house.

I have also finally got out the Happy Phonics games to play with the boys. I don't know why I have put these off so long. I now have them all cut out and they boys seemed to have fun. Playing games sure works better with Henry then trying to do workbooks. He just isn't the type of kid that is going to sit and do workbooks.

I have plans to break out the Boogle game tomorrow. I have Boogle Jr. also so the boys will have something for them to play too.

I can't believe I forgot about Upwords. That is in my closet too. It just happens to be at the bottom of a stack of games. I will need to get that one out soon too. She may like that one even better than Scrabble.
So we are having a lot of game time. My kids think it is fun and I feel good that we are playing with words.


Desiree said...

Those are some excellent word games, I started playing scrabble with my daughter in Kindgergarten with very relaxed rules. Maybe we'll have to bring that one out again. Have fun with the games!

aly in va said...

We have several of these games in the closet just collecting dust, sounds like you guys had a fun time, and maybe we should dust off our shelves and give them a try.