Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We're Really Movin'

Henry decided it was finally time to take the training wheels off. He tried last fall but just couldn't quite do it. Yesterday he asked, so I did. With out much work on my part he was up and going.There were a few crashes but Hen got right back up and tried again.
It took him a little time to figure out how to get going on his own but soon even that was overcome. He is now joining the older two on their bike rides in the cull-de-sac. He is trilled be on a two wheeler!

Molly too has taken off. She has been scooting around backward for a bit but this last week she figured out how to get going forward. She actually crawls like Ian did. She uses one knee and one foot. She is getting really fast and the baby proofing is now a must.
We have to be very diligent about picking up books and papers because anything left on the floor is going to be eaten or ripped.

Yeah things are hopping around here.

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