Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our work week.

This week has been non stop revolution. We listened to the Story of the World chapter about the American Revolution we read books about the Revolutionary war and even watched Movies about the heros of that time period. And we still have so many more books and videos to get through. Maybe we need another week just to cover it all. I am happy that my children remember so much about the events of this time from when we did a unit study 2 summers ago based around the American Girl Felicity books. We read through a lot of these same books and about a lot of these same men when we did that study. Even Henry could tell me about the Boston Tea party and Paul Revere's ride before we even listened to the stories again. We made some American flags and read a biography of Betsy Ross. That is about it for projects. I just can't bring myself to be too creative. My kids didn't seem to mind.

Henry has graduated out of just cutting. I printed out a few sheets for him to cut and paste. This one is to help him with alphabet order as well as just cutting and pasting.
I really love the internet. It is so nice to be able to go to the computer and do a simple search and there are countless options right there me to print out.

Sophie has started a new Language Arts program. She has been fighting it for so long I thought a change of approach might work. It has reduced the outbursts but they haven't totally disappeared. The new program is sort of like Five in a Row. We have a picture book of the week and she has to find different devises that the author uses in that book. There is some writing involved but she doesn't seem to have as much trouble doing it as she has in the past. We have only done two different books, but this week went pretty smoothly. Sophie could work independently. She could also do as much or as little as she wanted each day as long as the assignments were done by the end of the week. This week's book was about spiders. Maybe that had something to do with it. Sophie loves non-fiction. Or maybe the workbook style is easier for her at the moment.

Ian is quickly making his way through Explode the code 2 1/2 and is reading at least a page or two of a book aloud to me each day. This week he decided to give The Cat in the Hat a try. It is very slow going but he is reading it, sounding out many of the longer words but getting most of the sight words.

Sophie received three of these Vox musician biographies for Christmas. We have listened to them several times. I keep thinking I need to order a few more. They are only $3 each on Amazon and it would be nice to listen to more than just Bach, Beethoven and Tchaikovski over and over again. They are well done and we love to listen to the music that is included.

Science didn't happen this week. Latin didn't either. I need to make sure to squeeze these in next week. I am just finding it hard to juggle all the different levels of each of the children. I do math one on one with each of them and reading one on one with each of them each day. It is hard to get in other subjects as well as all the normal house work and such. So I am still working on balancing everything. But I feel like we are getting in what is most important and the rest will come as it will.

Molly is still scooting around backward and getting herself into funny places.
It is going to be a lot of work keeping this girl out of trouble once she really gets fast. Any piece of paper on the floor becomes something to play with and eat. I have forgotten how hard it is to baby proof everything. With three older siblings who love to draw and leave their papers and pencils all over, it is going to be a challenge.

We had a pretty good week. We didn't get everything in but we still did a lot and hopefully we will be able to squeeze in some of the other things next week.


Jennifer said...

Just wait - Ben is pulling himself up now and can reach stuff within about 3 inches of the edge of the table. The safety zone is slowly shrinking! I wish you could have been with us the other night - it was fun. I promise to organize a girls weekend at Women's Conference sometime in the future when our kids are all a little older. The way Anna is going, she'll probably be presenting there sometime!

Bibliophile said...

Ian's cousins are just starting "Explode the Code 2" and they vow that they are going to beat him to the end. Is that possible?

You are certainly busy!

Malissa said...

You're getting so much more accomplished than we are right now!! That language arts program looks interesting. We might have to try it after explode the code.

have a great week!