Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Studies

I haven't done a school report in awhile. So just for my own records here is our rundown of the last little while.

Math - Sophie is still plugging away at Singapore Math 3B and came to another review this week so we also read through another of our Mathematicians are People too book. This time it was Pythagoras. I used some of the ideas from this lens on Squidoo to enhance our reading. The kids really loved making the 3D Shapes. I can't say I ever could get the mobile to balance out just right but the kids still wanted to hang it from the ceiling so now we have a little mobile in the corner.

We are doing well with Latin. I am really enjoying learning this language. We have been learning how to use direct objects and a few more nouns and verbs. I like the way the lessons in our bookbuild on each other. And they introduce the different concepts in English before moving on to Latin. I feel like I am learning English grammar along with Latin. Sophie still chooses to do Latin to postpone doing her math. And it is funny to hear Henry and Ian spout out Latin phrases once in awhile. They especially loved it when we pointed out Yoda speaks as Latin would be spoken. I have heard "Jedi ego sum" a number of times recently.

Reading is getting easier for Ian. Explode the Code is getting easier for him and he is about half way through the 1 1/2 book. He is finally getting some of the words by sight and not having to sound out each word. He is doing well reading his McGuffey primer. Sophie is working through her Reader as well and has no problems reading each lesson. I am tempted to move her up to the next book but don't want to miss all the fun little stories and such so instead we are reading and discussing two a day so we can move through the book more quickly.
Henry is all of the sudden getting interested in reading and writing so I may get him the Ready, Set, and Go for the Code primers and get him started on those.

We have been learning all about he Periodic Table this week. We have read a few books on the subject and still have one more we are going to make our way through next week. We started making a Periodic Table Lapbook with ideas from this Lens on Squidoo and some from this page on Homeschool share.
The kids have really gotten to know the elements through a few games we have played as well.

History has sort of been light the last few weeks. We still read our chapter of Story of the World and maybe read a few go- alongs but that is about it. I can't say this has been that exciting. It may be just the subjects or the time period or something but we have a bunch of other things to study and this hasn't been our first choice.

Sophie has chosen a new animal to study so we have been reading all about tigers the last few weeks. We are making another lapbook to go along with this. Ian is doing some of the work on the lapbook. I don't know if I should let him do his own animal report/lapbook or just have the kids do one together. At the moment one is all I can handle so I guess that question is answered.

There is all sorts of other things we have been doing and reading. But the baby is crying and I need to go... so maybe they are for another post.

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