Monday, October 19, 2009

Fast Forward

Everyday seems to pass as if in fast forward. I keep thinking of things to share in a post but never seem to fit in the time to actually sit and write. Here are a few abreviated things that we have been up to over the past week.

I have been trying to make soup more, especially since the weather is turning colder. So I decided to give butternut squash soup a try. I took some of the squash that my Dad gave me recently and made a huge pot of soup. Cinnamon, nutmeg, apples and carrots along with the squash makes for a very sweet tasting soup.
It was rather labor intensive and I ended up with a burned hand and squash soup splattered all over my kitchen. Evidently my blender doesn't puree soup very well. I actually tried two different blenders and neither did that well. I think I need a square shaped jar rather than round. The soup just sprayed out the top every time I turned it on. I just don't know how to do it, I guess. It went everywhere. And hot soup flying around the kitchen isn't really that fun.

This picture was taken after most of the mess was already cleaned up.
It is now days later and I am still finding squash soup splatters in places. It is tasty and made enough that I put some in the freezer for another time. I just wish my kids would give it a try.

We have had a few rainy days recently. It is rather nice to hear the sound of a storm outside while we are inside, warm, dry and reading a book. But between blustery days we have hit the park a few times. Molly enjoys the swing.In fact all my kids love to swing. Ian and Henry have recently been able to get themselves going and pump themselves. It is so nice not to have to push them on the swings anymore.

Ian and Henry are always trying to show me how high they can climb up poles. I think I have a few monkeys in my house.
It does look a bit scary to see such a little guy dangling from such a high bar but he really does it all the time and is so proud of himself when he gets to the top.
The boys have also really enjoyed their sport classes. Ian is really doing well at Karate and my husband, who takes him each week, says it really is the sport for him. Ian is a very deliberate child. He thinks about things and doesn't want to do something until he can do it well. Karate seems to fit him like a glove.

Henry loves soccer. Ian usually goes along to "watch" his practices but Henry really enjoys getting out there and kicking the ball around. He came home from practice and showed me the right way to kick the ball using the inside of the foot rather than the toes. For a little 4 year old that is progress. I am just glad he is having fun.

Dad has been having a lot of fun tagging along too. He gets to play goalie most of the time.

We sort of took a light school week. I had a book I really needed to finish because it was due back to the library and I had renewed it as many times as they would let me. So I took one day and read it and let the kids play rather than do school. And then on another day I woke up and just didn't feel like pushing school work that day so we enjoyed some games, walks and baking instead. It certainly is nice that I have the option to just do nothing some days. My kids don't seem to mind either.


Malissa said...

I can't believe how high your boys climb!! Glad the flavor of the soup was delicious. It can be disappointing to try something new and then have the family not appreciate it. My kids end up with peanutbutter and jelly when that happens.

Glad you're all doing well. Molly is getting big!!

Bibliophile said...

Thanks for taking photos so I can feel like I know what the children (and you) are doing. Molly is changing all the time. The boys are certainly active and involved in things. Sophie is always so creative!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I LOVE squash soup! Especially made fresh. Whenever you blend hot liquids you have to do a very little bit at a time ore else it will splatter. For soups it's safer to use those hand held blender things that fit right in the pot.

Anonymous said...

Squash soup sounds yummy! But not all over the kitchen. :)

Days seem to pass in fast forward here too. Time is just flying by. I can't seem to take days off though, I just feel like we need to fit in so much before my baby comes and life turns upside down again.