Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Musings

I haven't posted much of late. I guess I just don't feel like anything is exciting or interesting enough to post about. But here is a sampling of what I have been up, or thinking about lately.

  • I have been reading a lot. I finally got around to reading Ender's Game. It has sat on my shelf for months and months. It was very good and now I need to find the next books in the series.
    I also read Wednesday Wars which was a very fun read. It is interesting to get inside the mind of an 11 year old boy. Ender was also and 11 year old boy... hmm.... I think I need to read something about an 11 year old girl. I guess it is good I picked up Before Green Gables from the library last week.
    I know none of these books is real difficult reading but I need something to read while I sit and nurse or rock the baby. These seem to fit the bill perfectly. Wednesday Wars did get me to read Shakespere's The Tempest since it was the only Shakespeare play mentioned in the book that I hadn't read yet. It was a quick read and now I can really giggle thinking of Ariel wearing yellow tights with feathers on the.... well you know.

  • I have been baking a lot lately. I think it is because the temperature has dropped and turning on the oven actually feels nice now. Or it may have something to do with all the great pumpkin recipes that people keep posting. Sophie actually yold me she was all pumpkined out for awhile. I guess I will have to find other recipes to bake. It has been fun trying out new things.

  • Sophie had ear tubes put back in. This is her third set but fluids behind the ear drum are affecting her hearing so we put them in again. I have to make sure to pick up some new wax ear plugs so she can swim and bathe without water getting in. An inconvenience but I don't want her hearing affected, or worse, her ears damaged.

  • My husband drinks Almond Milk and I think we are all going to switch to drinking it. It is more expensive (If I had that blendtec then I could make my own) but the more I read about cow's milk or even soy milk the less I like them. We are slowly heading toward a vegan diet. I don't see us entirely giving up animal meats but dairy is one we may faze out.

  • My kids aren't that excited about green smoothies anymore. I guess having one everyday got a little old. Ian still drinks his without complaining but Sophie and Henry act like I am torturing them. So I need to get creative again or else cook a plate of spinach and have them try to eat it that way. Then we will see who is torturing who. I personally think the spinach and other veggies go down a lot easier when mixed with the banana, apples, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries or oranges. One small cup a day is all I have been "forcing" them to drink. Is that too much to ask?

  • Christmas is only a short two months and some, away and I haven't done any shopping for it yet. I think I am in trouble. Usually I have a few things stashed away that I had been collecting over the year. This year I have nothing. I guess I need to really start online shopping or something. I don't even know what my kids really need or even if they really need anything. We already have too much stuff in our house. I wonder how upset they would be if there wasn't anything under the tree? Maybe I will just buy next year's school workbooks and such and put them under the tree. That is about all my kids really need. They are spoiled as it is and I hate to buy things just because I know they expect something. I want it to be something they could really use or need. I guess we will see what turns up come Christmas morning, at the moment I am at a loss and funds are tight so it will be a "less is more" kind of year.

I guess that is it for now... Molly is getting too fussy to even pretend to ignore.

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