Thursday, November 5, 2009

Look Mom! Two Wheels

Yesterday while at the park one of Henry's friends brought his bike that he can now ride without the training wheels. He was in tears because he can't ride on two wheels. I tried to tell him that it is something he is going to have to work on and that we can take the training wheels off the bike tomorrow and see if he can learn to ride it. He just kept up the tears and whimpering for a long time. But I convinced him that it would be better to learn on his own bike at home tomorrow rather then right that moment at the park.

Henry's desire to ride a two wheeler worried me a bit since Ian hasn't even wanted to try to ride without the training wheels yet. I was afraid Henry would catch onto riding easier than it would for Ian. Henry had learned to pump himself on the swings before Ian and it was a bit of an issue for a bit because Ian is older and should do things earlier than Henry. But Henry just tends to catch onto physical things quickly and Ian is a much more methodical child who takes his time doing things.

Well today Henry reminded me of my promise to take him out to ride the two wheeler. He was so excited when I told him to go get the bike and the tools. We took off the wheels and he got on while I was holding the bike up. He got a little frustrated that he tipped over and couldn't just ride. He let me walk behind him and hold him up but he was very wobbly. Much like I remember Sophie being just a year or so ago when she finally wanted to learn to ride on two wheels. He started crying and telling me he just couldn't do it. I had him sit down on the stoop while I ran inside to get my camera. I figured I would need to document his first attempt at his bike.

When I got back outside with the camera, this is what I saw.
Yes that is Ian riding around on the bike. He decided to give it a try while I was inside and he could just... do it. I was in shock! I didn't have to run behind him and hold him up. I didn't have do anything. He just picked up the bike and started going. Sure he has been riding this bike for two years now with training wheels but has always preferred his scooter when we go on our rides or walks around the block.

He was so excited and wanted to ride further than just the driveway, so we walked down to the cul-de-sac.

Henry was happy for Ian but sad for himself. He really wanted to be able to ride a two wheeler. I had Henry give it another try but he just couldn't balance the bike. I think the seat needs to be a bit lower for him. He can barely reach the petals at the bottom of the revolution. So Henry had to content himself with the scooter.

He still had a good time racing Ian back and forth. I was so astonished at how easily Ian was whipping around and through the bushes and up and down from the sidewalk to the roads. It took Sophie a long time before she was doing these things. Sophie was giving him all sorts of coaching.

He was having the time of his life and wanted to ride and ride. When the others got tired and wanted to go in he asked for just 10 more minutes. He was just so excited and loved the attention he was getting for his accomplishment.

I guess I didn't need to worry about Ian. He has always been a kid that didn't do something until he could do it well.
He sure is a bike rider now.


Jen said...

My daughter is the same way. She doesn't want to try anything until she knows exactly how to do it, and can do it perfectly from that moment on. They all have their own pace/style I guess.

Props to your little guy on his big accomplishment!

Bibliophile said...

I am so PROUD of Ian! When I learned to ride a bike, it took me several days of trying to get myself balanced. What a guy!