Tuesday, October 27, 2009

He is Writing his Name

For a long time Henry has been signing his name as just an H. I have actually found this infamous signature drawn on the wall, in books and just about anywhere this little guy goes. We even have a nice red pencil H drawn onto the ceiling of his room above the door. He must have climbed the door frame with a pencil in hand and somehow drew his H while still holding on with the other hand.

Recently he is showing interest in doing the other letters of his name. Today I found him with a sheet of paper doing H and then E over and over. I wrote the rest of his name on the paper for him to use as a guide. He then proceeded to write those letters over and over again.

He wasn't concerned with putting them next to each other. He was just practicing the letters.

He is catching on to writing pretty well. I am not surprised. He is a very agile little guy and had lots of examples to follow around him. I just hope I don't see the E-N-R-Y on the ceiling to go along with the H that is already there.


Malissa said...

Yeah Henry!!! I'm so amazed at your little guys' climbinb abilities:)

Bibliophile said...

Ha Ha! That is so funny. I would NOT be surprised to the rest of his name up there!