Sunday, October 30, 2016

End of the Soccer Season!

Yesterday was the last game of our soccer season. We actually played two games in one day to decide placement through a tournament.  My team entered the tournament having lost three games this season but still in 2nd place.  We lost twice to the team that was in first place and then one other time when Henry and two other boys on the team all went on a boy scout campout. Being down three players made a huge impact on our team. 

We won our first game of the day when we played "The Vipers". They were the team we had lost to when our three scouts went on campout. We beat them soundly this time 7 to 1.  This guaranteed us at least 2nd place. 

I honestly went into the final game thinking "I am happy with 2nd place".  We had lost twice to the Cobras. Two weeks in row. Once when missing two players and once with all my players and them missing some of theirs. I thought we just needed to play and have fun for our final game of the season. 

The first half ended 2-2.  I was preparing for a tie game which means we do a shoot out to decide the winner. 

We scored again in the 2nd half and our defense held them back so they didn't score. At he last second they looked like they were going to score and kicked for a goal but the whistle blew for a penalty. The goal they shot didn't count. They had been off sides.  So rather than tie it up the game finished 3-2 with us the victors. 

Needless to say we were all excited. It was a bit unexpected and when we went to shake the  other teams hands there were tears in their eyes. They had been an undefeated team until that last game. It was a bit of an upset. 
But my team, the "Razor Blades," ended up the champions.  We didn't win a trophy. We got these very bright green shirts that proclaim us the champions. 

What a great end to the Soccer Season. Now my stress levels will return to normal and I will get my Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons and Saturdays back. 
Being a coach is a lot of fun but a lot of work too!

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Bibliophile said...

Thanks for the updates on what you're doing. I love to see the photos and the fun activities.. Pishu looks like a good kitty, so I'm glad tha the two cats get along better.