Sunday, October 30, 2016

A New Cat

We decided to take in another cat. A neighbor family needed to find a new home their 7 month old kitty so we decided Peezy could use a buddy.  The family we adopted him from is from Afghanistan so had already given him a Farsi name. His name is Pishu. It means "kitty". We now have Peezy and Pishu.

Peezy was not all that impressed by the invader.  

There was lots of chasing, hissing and cowering the first day or two. 

But she soon decided to just ignore him.  They soon could be in the same room without fuss.

They now are quite friendly.

Pishu is a very different kitty than Peezy ever was.

 He is still a kitten even though he is almost as big as Peezy. He is very playful. He likes to play with anything he finds around him. Molly isn't too happy about that. He likes to bat around the legos she is building with.
 He also really loves to play and tussle with stuffed animals. The many Webkinz toys we have around seem to be his particular favorites.

 He is a fun addition to our household.

Peezy tends to spend her days upstairs sleeping on my bed while Pishu likes to nap right in the thick of things. He camps out on the couch while the kids sit nearby doing homework. 

We certainly like our two cats.

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