Sunday, October 30, 2016

Picking out Pumpkins

I decided to surprise the kids one day with an outing.  I didn't tell them where we were going before hand but told them it would be kinda fun. 

 We headed to a nearby farm to pick out pumpkins.
 Since it was the middle of a school day the pumpkin patch was all for us.
 The kids had fun looking at all the different pumpkins. But found the tiny ginger kitten the most exciting part of the visit.

 They tried out the tractor left out for picture taking and such.
 I remember when these boys were little and tractors were really exciting.
 They each picked out a pumpkin to take home. Everyone was thrilled with our outing.

Our town had a Pumpkin Festival one Saturday. Since our Saturdays tend to be spent running from field to field playing soccer and flag football we didn't think we could fit it into our schedule.  Molly was invited to go with some friends of ours. They have a little boy about Molly's age and were willing to take her along. 

 Evidently it was lots of fun. There were pony rides and a hay rides.
 The kids got to pick out and carve a pumpkins.
It was so nice of friends to take Molly along. She was able to experience the fun of the pumpkin festival in the morning while still getting to her soccer game that afternoon. 

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