Thursday, September 29, 2016

No more CUBS

 Cub Scouts has been a part of our lives for years now. Ian and Henry sure have had a great time going to den meetings, pack meetings and all sorts of cub scout activities over the past few years. This past week Henry attended his final Pack Meeting.

 The scout master put the boys to work building towers with toothpicks and marshmellows. Ian and another older scout helped out the wolves since only one wolf was at this meeting.

Here are the three Webelos showing how how well they could work together.

As part of the Pack Meeting Henry was awarded the Arrow of Light which is the last award any cub scout  earns.  It is usually played up as a big deal and a whole ceremony takes place complete with face paint.
As his Webelos den leader (I had just come from Soccer practice so forgot my uniform. I usually just borrow Ian's shirt when I need to be official), I was given the honor of painting the colors on his face.
 Then he gets to "bridge" into Boy Scouts.  There is an actual bridge used that has each of the virtues of the scout law written on the planks. The boy bridging walks across and recites The Scout Law as he moves across the bridge.

 Our  Cubmaster made these great Arrow of Light plaques with an arrow for each of the boys.
 We had two boys bridge and receive their Arrows of Light at this pack meeting. That leaves me with only one Webelos boy in my den.  For now I will continue to be the den leader and hopefully Henry will still come along for the fun of it. So perhaps this wont be our last pack meeting. It is, for sure, his last one wearing the blue Cub Scout shirt. He is excited to finally get to be a boy scout.

A few days later the Boy Scouts held a Court of Honor to hand out awards. Ian had worked hard all summer. He had attended camp and Merit badge midways and we worked on things at home and he was able to get 11 more merit badges and qualified for a new rank. He is now a Star Scout. Not too bad for a boy not even 13 yet.  

We forgot the camera for the Court of Honor but here is his haul for the night. 

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Bibliophile said...

It's a bit sad to see our children grow out of one stage and start another, even though we know that life is full of such events. Best wishes for Ian and Henry to enjoy Boy Scouts. Ian is doing very well!