Thursday, September 15, 2016

Some Artwork

My kids love art. They all enjoy getting messy with paints so I have tried to make sure we have a few more fun biggish art projects for them to try. 

 I happened to have some canvases in the garage and I figured it was time to use them.

 So the kids drew their hands on the canvas and painted them brown. Then went to work making those brown hands into trees by adding in leaves.

Each gave the project their own little flavor.

 Here is Ian's. He tried to show all four seasons in the leaves on the trees.
 Henry made his a Halloween night complete with jack-o-lanterns.
Sophia also went with a Fall theme.

Molly's looks more like a Summer day. 
All the canvases are sitting in my hall still. I haven't figured out where to hang this series of pictures as of yet. 

The boys are taking a Humanities class that is going through different civilizations and the class gave us our next art project. The boys were supposed to paint a Greek Vase. They said they could just paint a clay flower pot but I happened upon a blogpost that showed how to make a paper mache Greek Vase so I knew that would be way more fun than just painting a clay pot.

Balloons helped give the shape and then some Oatmeal canisters were trimmed to make the base and top for each vase. Add a handle and then cover the whole thing in paper mache.
 Messy but fun!
Didn't snap any photos of the painting process but here are their finished vases.
 Not very authentic designs. I don't think they had creapers or Kerbals in ancient Greece.

 Sophia went for a more typical theme. She drew Hercules throwing a wild dog over his back.
 Here is the other side. She went simple and just added a few dolphins.
So two big art projects already this month. I don't know if I can keep this trend going. I know they love to do the projects but they also don't like to get rid of them when they are done. I am running out of space to keep these big projects.   But they certainly do turn out nicely. I have some talented kids! and I am good at following directions. What would be do without the internet. Blogs and Pinterest are where I find all the best ideas.

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