Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sports Mania

Saturdays, for us, in the Fall look like this!

 I am coaching Henry's Soccer Team again.  I have a really great bunch of kids.

  Henry is playing goalie this year.
 But I don't like to have anyone play goalie through the whole game. So I have 4 kids play goalie each game and each plays for half of a half with means each plays about 15 min as goalie and then the rest of the game they get to play some other position.
 Henry was thrilled to score his first goal in this game. Our team this year is undefeated and often scores 6 points before the other team even scores once.  We have a "Mercy rule" which means we don't go above a 6 point spread. This means our team ends up playing keep away through most of the 2nd half. This gives kids the opportunity to play positions they wouldn't usually play. I had my forwards back playing defense and my defense up playing forward.  It gave Henry the opportunity to get up to the goal and score today. He is usually a defender and likes it there but was thrilled to kick a goal today!

Molly's game is next and at her age they don't keep score and don't even have a goalie but each team played well and made many goals.

Her games are at 1:00 which makes them during the hot part of the day.  I bring a spray bottle and mist the girls often.

Then later in the afternoon we head to the football field to watch Ian play flag football.

 This sport is much more Ian's speed. This is his first year playing but already says he likes it way better than Basketball.

 Here is Ian on defense grabbing a flag to end a play
 Here is he going for another one. I think this one gets past him.
 Here is Ian on offense. He received the ball and was able to get the 2 point conversion.

All my kids teams won their games today. So there was a lot of happy but hot red faces on the walk/drive home from each game.

The air conditioning sure felt nice when we walked into the house after all that sunshine and heat.

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