Thursday, September 15, 2016

September Birthdays

 September is both Henry and Sophia's Birthdays. They are a week apart so we get lots of treats and excitement right at the beginning of the month.

 Henry's morning gift was this cool  Perplexis game. It is a marble maze ball that kept us all busy most of the day trying to get the ball through all the paths.
 Henry requested Froot Loops. He never gets cereal like this and asks for it all the time when we go shopping. I always put him off since we don't usually buy cereals with food coloring and such. I relented for the birthday breakfast.
 Our dapper boy didn't just dress up  for his birthday. His birthday was a Sunday so this is him so excited to open the rest of his gifts that he didn't even wait to change his clothes first.

He requested Pumpkin Pie again this year!

Sophia's birthday started with some Fantasia books as her morning gift. She LOVES this movie, especially Fantasia 2000. So the big book is a book with all sorts of artwork and behind the scenes stories. The piano book is rather difficult but she is attempting some of them with her piano teacher.

To continue the Fantasia Theme to this birthday. She got a poster that needs to be framed but will look great on her wall. All her favorite characters from both movies are included together in this poster.
She also got a box of Disney puzzles. There is a Fantasia on in the mix that has all sorts of hidden Fantasia characters mixed together in the scene.
 She also received a new dress up dress (since she outgrew her Merida dress) and an itunes gift card which she is excited to use.

Sophia too requested pie rather than cake. She picked a very rich Peanut Butter cup pie.  Oreo cookie crust and peanut butter cream cheese filling with peanut butter cups mixed throughout.  It was very yummy but very rich. A little goes a long way!

We love celebrating birthdays and were happy to have Grandma and Grandpa here for Henry's and our Friends who were neighbors back when Sophia was born came to celebrate Sophia's with us.  Somehow our guest only made it into movies that we took and we didn't end up with any stills of them.

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