Monday, July 11, 2016


My kids have a new favorite park. My kids miss the parks from where we used to live and complain about the parks near us now. The parks around us are designed for small children and are all "safe" as they put it. I tried to explain that parks aren't as exciting because they are bigger now but they just insist that there are no fun parks here and all the best parks are near our old house. Well that changed this past week. A new park was opened and it is just for big kids.  It is a Parkour park so nothing was "safe". Henry especially loved it because it was risky.

 This part of the park was just a bunch of cement blocks of various heights, some with bars connecting them. The kids played a game of tag as they jumped for block to block and the ground was "hot lava".

 Of course our first trip to this park was planned with friends. That always makes everything better.

 This part of the park looks like a big empty swimming pool. I saw some other kids with skateboards and even bikes riding through here using the walls to jump and spin and flip in the air. Since we didn't know what we were going to find at this park we didn't bring any other equipment but the kids didn't seem to mind. They just ran around in the bowl and slid down the sides.

 Henry loved this park so much he wanted to go back the next day. But we waited a few more days before heading back with scooters and rip stick.  Sophie and Ian had a youth activity so I only had Henry and Molly. No friends met us there so it wasn't quite as exciting but these two still had a great time.

 Molly came with us this time and loved the park as well. She loved riding her scooter through the smaller river bottom, for lack of a better name. The sides weren't too steep and she could ride her scooter down the walls or along the path at the bottom.

Henry enjoyed giving the big bowl a try with his rip stick.

 There is a whole part of the park the kids haven't really explored yet. It is mostly bars and large tubes. Here is a big pipe to walk across like  balance beam. It is a bit harder than it looks since it isn't flat but we had fun running back and forth across it.   There are also a bunch of pull up bars as various heights (sorry no pictures, my kids didn't really play here) and some parallel bars. I think that part of the park is really for taller kids!

We will certainly be heading here again. This park is made for bigger kids and my dare devil Henry couldn't get enough. He was hopping from block to block, some a scary distance away, and loved every moment of this "Risky" park.

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Camie Madsen said...

I've neve seen a park like this one. My kids would love it!