Sunday, July 24, 2016

It is finally here!

Molly has been telling us how many days it is until  her birthday for days and days. She has been soooooo excited! We didn't plan any big party this year but she was still beyond enthusiastic about the eminent event. 
 The day finally arrived! She of course got to open a present at breakfast. I had her open her Grandma's gift because I knew it would be something she would be excited to play with that day.  She was very thrilled with the new Kindle Fire. She has her own now so I don't have to share mine with her.
 No pictures but she requested Crepes for breakfast and so we had Nutella and banana crepes that morning.

To get us out of the house and away from our screens for the afternoon we headed to In-and-Out Burger for a little lunch. We stopped at the store to pick up some snacks and such to take with us to the Beach the next day. That was one of the requests she had. We wouldn't have a party but we would take a day and go to the beach.

 We had dinner and Molly got the red plate.

 She opened a few more presents. A Ken doll and Merida's little brothers came to "play barbies" with Molly. She also got a new blanket for her bed and some large ponies.

 One of the Sister Missionaries had the same birthday so we had them over for cake and sorbet that day.

I think she had a pretty good birthday but it isn't over yet. We headed to the beach the next day to play in the waves.

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