Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Bit of Art

There is no shortage of art work being done in our house. Sketch books are filled and lots of pencils and paper are used up. It is really fun to watch them inprove in their skills.

 Here is a Minecraft drawing Ian did one day while waiting for his piano lesson.

 Sophie has been doing a whole series of Dragons all with Fall and harvest themes. This one is my favorite.
 For Henry's art class he needed to do a pointilism picture so I broke out the markers and we did some pumpkins using only dots.  Sophias were beautiful
 Here is Henry's even with a jack-o-lantern face
Molly did a pretty good job but lost patience with the dotting and just started coloring.

 Here is Ian's pumpkin and a little wolf that he was pleased with.

Henry was also given an assignment to make a name tag and use cut out pieces of paper. He cut out some items from his lego magazine to go along with it. Of course all the kids had to create their own name tags too. I just didn't take photos of their creations. They were quickly hung up on their walls.

There are plenty more drawings and projects I just need to remember to take pictures of them.

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