Thursday, October 31, 2013

Life is good- even without Internet

We are now living in our new house. After almost a week of being without regular access to the internet we are officially online again. It has been a little crazy trying to juggle things without being able to just pop onto google and map out a location or look on Yelp for a good fix-it man. It was one of those times a smart phone would have come in really handy! But hey I can't complain. It has all worked out and things are starting to fall into place.

My kids keep telling me "This place is starting to really look like home". We aren't totally box free yet. We have many more things to put away before we can say we are done but we are getting there. Now I just need to start getting my kids back onto a school schedule. We haven't been doing much as far as studies for the past week. Sophie has even had to miss a few days of her online classes because we just couldn't find anywhere she could access the internet. We did monopolize one entire morning of a lady (in our new ward). She offered her home and her wi-fi so Sophie could sit and participate in her classes. Sophie will have some catching up to do with assignments for these classes.

The move has been good so far. I admit the first night in our new home I had the feeling "What did we just do". I felt a bit depressed. I had taken my three younger kids to our new ward's Trunk or Treat (Sophie and my husband went to return the moving van) and was a bit sad. I didn't know anyone. My kids got lots of candy, which they loved, but didn't really have anyone to play with. When we returned home Sophie came running in, excited to tell us all about the Trunk or Treat at our old ward. She had spent the day with one of her friends and helped the young woman with the games and activities at the event.  I was so tired and already somewhat blue that her enthusiasm and tales of our former ward made it even worse.

But the next day was Sunday and we went to church. The ward was very welcoming and many of the ladies introduced themselves and the young woman leaders and primary leaders took my kids under their wings and shuffled them off to their different classes. Henry came home from church telling me all about his new class and how he loves this ward already. He hasn't even had scouts yet but already loves it! Molly was worried her new teacher wouldn't like her or not know her name but those worries were in the past when we picked her up to head home. She was all pumped up and singing new songs that she learned in class. Sophie's young woman leader came and picked her up Sunday night for a youth fireside and she came home "all smiles". We have attended Young Woman's this week and even have been invited to a Halloween party tonight. My kids are looking forward to Trick-or-Treating tonight in our new neighborhood. Evidently there are a LOT of kids and we will be busy passing out candy!

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