Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Halloween

We started our Halloween day with pumpkin carving. We always do it the day of Halloween because they never last very long once they have been cut.

I let each of the kids do their own. I didn't do anything except help them scoop out all the guts.

Here are the finished products.

Sophie did a Dragaon! She thought it turned out great.
 We did do a little school work. We are still settling into our new home and routine so school has been rather minimal the last few days. We now have a bit more space to spread the kids out while they do their work.

While they did some math or attended their online classes I toasted the pumpkin seeds.

The kids got to watch a movie in the afternoon while yet another fix-it man visited the house. This time is was the dryer vent that needed a good cleaning out. With the washer and dryer upstairs the cleaning was  little more envolved.

Then everyone got dressed up and ready for trick-or-treating.

 Sophie went as Carmen Sandiego. Ian went as Harry Potter yet again. I made Molly were the leopard suit. She reallly wanted to be a princess again but her dress is getting a little snug. Henry was happy to dress up as a skeleton.

We headed down the street to one of our new friends house for a little pizza and rootbeer before heading out around our neighborhood for the candy.  It was a successful Halloween. We have too much candy and the kids met some new friends and neighbors.

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