Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life goes on

Life around our house doesn't ever slow down. 
Molly loves her pink princess dress. I was shocked the other day to see how much she has grown in the last year since we shortened the hem for her. My mom made this dress for her for her 3rd birthday. She often asks me if the dress still fits. I figured pictures would be the best way to show my mom that it does still fit. But it is now too short. She is growing up! I am going to have to let the hem down. 

We are slowing packing up all our stuff. I say we but it is mostly me and sometimes my husband that go through all our stuff and decided if we really need it enough to move it to the new house. I have sorted through our bookcases full of books and boxed up most of them and taken several bags of books back to the library. I say back to the library because that is where I picked them up. I can't believe how many little 25 cent pictures books we have picked up from the used book shelf over the years! We are still taking a lot of books with us when we move. 

 I am still trying to do school each day with the kids. They have all their usual activities for another two weeks. They are very sad to be leaving their co-op friends, piano, choir and cub scouts teachers/leaders. Henry is so sad to leave gymnastics. They are also very excited to be moving too.
 Sophie is still hard at work on her online classes. They keep her very busy with the different projects she is assigned. There is a lot of readings required too. She often feels a bit overwhelmed with everything on her schedule.  Perhaps our move will be good since it will eliminate some of the extra things and she can focus on her assignments.  She has almost completely taken over my computer :(
The boys are keeping busy with their school work too. I feel pretty lucky if we get scripture, history, math, some writing, and some reading in at the moment. The extras will have to wait until I have a little more time on my hands. 

I don't have the energy to give a detailed run down on what we have been doing for school, so this is the best I am going to do as far as a review goes. In a few weeks I should be back in the swing of things.... hopefully.

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Bibliophile said...

All you have to do is let out the tuck in the skirt to the length that you need, and then sew the tuck back in if you need it. It's really easy.