Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quiet Kids - Review

I have taken personality tests many times. The Myers-Briggs is one of the most famous ones. When I take this test it sometimes comes out INTJ and other times it comes out ISTJ.  I guess I can't decide if I gather information intuitively or through my senses. In either case that first letter, the I, tells me I am an introvert and not an extrovert. I get my energy by being quiet and alone rather than through interactions with other people. 

Knowing this about myself, when I saw the book Quiet earlier this year I knew I had to read it. It was very validating and at the same time not that helpful. It told me a lot of good things about being an introvert but didn't necessarily give me any ideas as to how to be an introvert in an very extrovert oriented world.

I recently saw the book Quiet Kids on NetGalley and knew I needed to read this one. I was really glad I got to read and now review this book. The book has many of the same information about introverts, perhaps not in as much detail, but this one also gave suggestions to parents of introvert children on how to help them excel or use their gifts in navigating this extrovert oriented world.

To be honest I didn't really learn anything new. Being an introvert myself I found that I naturally do many of the things suggested in the book. I did receive some new ideas and suggestions but it also helped me really look at my kids, how they learn, interact with others, and spend their free time.

I have two introverted and two extroverted children. I realize now why what worked with my older two doesn't seem to work with the younger two. It isn't just me getting tired or busy or overwhelmed (At least not exclusively). The younger two just get their energy, gather information, make decisions, and orient themselves to the world around them differently than the older two and even myself.

I wish there was a book with strategies and ideas on how an introverted parent can help their extroverted children thrive. I often feel like I am holding them back. They want to socialize and be out and about doing something while I am happy to sit back and watch quietly. They are often loud, crazy and in my face right when my energy level tells me to go recharge in a quiet place.

I love that there is more information about introverts and about the power of introverts rather than just on how to bring them out of their shells and be more extroverted. It helps me understand myself and my needs as well as the needs of my kids when I read the tips and strategies found in Quiet Kids.  This is a great read for anyone who knows they are an introvert or have kids that are introverts.


Bibliophile said...

I enjoyed your comments about being an introvert. I am an introvert too, and I didn't understand until a few years ago (after taking that test that you mentioned) why I seemed to be so different from other people. With both parents being introverts, you may not have had any choice in the matter!

Flem said...

I assume you have seen this Ted talk on the power of introverts?